A vital component in achieving this strategic aim is to ensure that our master-planned developments are effective in creating a community environment that offers a diverse mix of people & product, public & private open spaces and amenity & culture.

We then offer continued engagement with these communities by actively communicating for the residents benefit, organising events, assisting in the maintenance of public spaces and common areas and educating the owners corporation in the of importance community engagement and development maintenance. This nurtures and encourages community involvement, giving residents a sense of pride and ownership.

Further to this, when we commit to developing within an area, we strive to have a positive influence on the wider community in which we sit. Having cemented our ties to Melbourne’s west thanks to our WillowPark development, we feel a strong obligation to support the local community.

JMC has implemented a number of initiatives in order to do this:

  • Contribute to the local economy and its prosperity by continuing to increase the number of local suppliers and tradespeople we utilise.
  • Develop the future of young tradespeople by instigating an apprentice scheme within JMC and with the key contractors we employ.
  • Proactively engage with key stakeholders to ensure community infrastructure is developed and maintained to its full potential.